Dismissed Chinese Students in the United States

Main Reasons of Dismissed Chinese Students 

Most Chinese students believe that an admission letter equals a bright future. However, according to WholeRen Consulting Database,  515 Chinese students expelled from American schools due to a series of reasons. The primary expelling reasons are as follow: low GPA (62.1%), academic dishonesty (21.4%), low attendance (10.9%), misbehavior (2.9%), breaking the law (1.9%), and psychological issues (0.7%). This White Paper intends to analyze the dismissed students’ characteristics and reasons of dismissal. Thus, we try to reveal their main characteristics and provide suggestions to prevent students from dismissal.


Most of Chinese students in the Unites State are young, and are also lacking sufficient skills or experience to live alone. When they go abroad alone, the high workload, local social requirements, mental stress, culture shock of new environments are major issues that the Chinese students must confront and contend with. Obtaining the admission is just the first step of studying abroad. The following three to four years of life will be filled of challenges. Sometimes, if they face one issue improperly, they might face the critical punishment that they have never ever been though of. Those occasions may not happen regularly in China, but they do frequently appear here! Will they be able to handle all of the stress and work coming from the strict requirements of schools?

Dismissed Chinese Students in the United States


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厚仁新出炉留美生现状白皮书,各大媒体争相转载报道... 今年5月31日,厚仁教育第三次应邀参加于北美举办的NAFSA国际教育展。NAFSA是一家非盈利的国际教育组织协会。在一年一度的NAFSA国际教育展上,汇集世界各方的学校,教育机构,以及专业人士,共同研讨交流国际化教育方方面面的问题。在今年的教育展上,厚仁集团重磅推出了《2016年的留美中国学生现状白...
八成被 美国大学劝退 中国留美学生出自美国TOP200大学... 美国时间5月31日,在NAFSA国际教育展上,厚仁教育发布《2016留美中国学生现状白皮书——劝退学生群体状况分析》。数据显示,排名高、质量佳的美国大学,仍然是劝退发生的高危环境,有79.98%的劝退学生就读于全美排名前200的大学。根据中国教育部的官方数据统计,2015年中国出国留学学生总数达到了...
惊人!报告显示,名校生更易被退学!本科生成为被劝退学生的高危人群!... 在当下的美国名校当中,中国的留学生群体占有很大比重。这其中,既有何江那样的优秀学子,也有许多面临被名校淘汰的彷徨学生。2016年6月,美国厚仁教育又做出一大举动,公布《2016留美中国学生现状白皮书—劝退学生群体状况分析》。白皮书进一步考察了被劝退学生的年龄、在美年数、学校所在州、就读学位和学校排名...
南方都市报:中国留美18岁以下学生 被劝退 比例连续2年小涨... 因连续多年发布“留美中国学生现状报告”而著称的美国教育机构“厚仁教育”,近日发布了最新版的《2016留美中国学生现状白皮书——— 劝退学生群体状况分析》报告,通过对留美学生的劝退数据分析,总结被劝退原因、高危人群及环境。数据显示,过去一年,中国留学生被劝退主要原因依然是学术表现差和学术不诚信而留美的...