Dismissed Chinese Students in the United States

Main Reasons of Dismissed Chinese Students 

Most Chinese students believe that an admission letter equals a bright future. However, according to WholeRen Consulting Database,  515 Chinese students expelled from American schools due to a series of reasons. The primary expelling reasons are as follow: low GPA (62.1%), academic dishonesty (21.4%), low attendance (10.9%), misbehavior (2.9%), breaking the law (1.9%), and psychological issues (0.7%). This White Paper intends to analyze the dismissed students’ characteristics and reasons of dismissal. Thus, we try to reveal their main characteristics and provide suggestions to prevent students from dismissal.


Most of Chinese students in the Unites State are young, and are also lacking sufficient skills or experience to live alone. When they go abroad alone, the high workload, local social requirements, mental stress, culture shock of new environments are major issues that the Chinese students must confront and contend with. Obtaining the admission is just the first step of studying abroad. The following three to four years of life will be filled of challenges. Sometimes, if they face one issue improperly, they might face the critical punishment that they have never ever been though of. Those occasions may not happen regularly in China, but they do frequently appear here! Will they be able to handle all of the stress and work coming from the strict requirements of schools?

Dismissed Chinese Students in the United States


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