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WholeRen Education LLC (“WholeRen”) was founded by Chinese and American professional educators in May 2010. As a multinational, professional education company, WholeRen seeks to create and promote Sino-U.S. educational opportunities.  The company integrates a range of educational services: high school and college academic application consulting, college transfer services, academic emergency services, on-going academic counseling, immersion classrooms, landing services, executive education programs, Chinese-American cultural exchanges, executive education and other services.

Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania WholeRen’s home office is located in one of the U.S.’s “Best College Towns” and home to over 65 area colleges and universities. WholeRen also has offices located in Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco, Boston, Washington DC, Fort Lee (NJ) and East Lansing (MI).  International offices are located in Beijing, Chongqing and Chengdu.  With plans for expansion to other regional offices, the company seeks to strengthen and foster cooperation with U.S. educational institutions to provide informed educational services for Chinese students of all ages in the U.S.

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With a focus on all aspects of holistic education, our company name reflects our belief:  “ren”, meaning “person” in Chinese and our belief that our work encompasses the whole person, or WholeRen.


WholeRen Education LLC was co-founded by Dr. Brian J. White and Mr. Andrew Chen.

Dr. White has had a long standing career in education for over 40 years, having served in numerous roles: as a High School History teacher, Executive Director of Student Services in the Pittsburgh School District, and Regional Superintendent for the Pittsburgh public school system.  Partnered with Dr. White in WholeRen’s development is Mrs. Kathleen White, who has served as a senior administrator in the North Campus of Allegheny County Community College.  Mrs. White possesses over 30 years of experience in the large community college system, which enrolled upwards of 65,000 students.

As an international student from Beijing, Mr. Andrew Chen came to the U.S. for graduate education in 1995 and has resided in Pittsburgh, PA for 19 years.  A graduate from the prestigious Tsinghua University High School, he studied Nuclear Engineering at the Harbin Shipbuilding Engineering Institute and then emigrated to the U.S., studying at the University of Missouri, Columbia earning two masters degrees.  Possessing first-hand cross cultural educational experiences in both China and the United States, this informs Mr. Chen’s role as international educator bridging Chinese and U.S. education.  Drawing from his experiences with students and parents at WholeRen, Mr. Chen has consulted with thousands of Chinese international students in both the U.S. and China to understand their changing needs and aspirations for study in the U.S.  He has served as a Board member of one of the largest Asian cultural advocacy group for eight years.


School Placement Service: Providing services to help students apply to high schools, colleges/universities (two and four year institutions) and graduate school in the U.S. Includes support for standardized test counseling, academic planning, enhancing student background, major/school selection, personal statement consultation, and advising on the application process.

Transfer Service:  Supporting students in the process of transferring to other institutions.  WholeRen develops personalized plans for students who are either in preparatory school, community college or a four year university.  Consultants review students’ personal backgrounds, test scores, along with major and college aspirations to provide wraparound support in understanding and completing the college transfer process.

Emergency services: WholeRen is the first educational company in the United States to provide emergency support for students facing school expulsion.  We recognize this is one of the most challenging moments an international student may face and our company has 24 hour dedicated service lines to support in this moment of crisis.  We offer fast, ethical, efficient and comprehensive support.  Knowing that these situations are time sensitive, our team works rapidly to ensure students can reduce losses and maintain their legal status in the U.S.  Our counselors immediately speak to students about their situation, review strategies to appeal (if possible), and consult with students and families about immediate options to continue studies in the U.S.  Disclaimer: Any admission to another U.S. institution is authenticated by Chinese Foreign Ministry of Education monitoring network.

Academic Integrity and Skill Training Pre-Departure Workshops: Providing pre-departure workshops geared towards helping clients understand the academic environment of the U.S., particularly with regard to academic integrity and preparation for intensive study. The academic integrity workshop covers areas such as: academic integrity policies, consequences for academic dishonesty, and tutorials on proper work citation. Academic skill workshops focus on areas such as: developing disciplined writing habits, becoming familiar with group discussion and various project types, and how to express your creative ideas.

Academic Advising: Providing clients with one on one academic support services, including services that enhance English language skills, improve GPA, and prepare for standardized exams.  Services can also include supervision during the semester and guidance of academic trajectories.

Immersion Classroom: Providing pre-college students with experiential language and cultural learning camp activities (including short term residencies/visits as a student in U.S. high schools).

School Curriculum: Offering customized courses for Chinese and American high school and elementary school students, providing international accreditation consulting.

Education Export—Principal and Teacher Recruitment: Providing qualified principal and teacher candidates opportunities to serve as lead administrators and teachers in China’s growing international school system.  See HERE for more details.

Education Export—Consulting Services: Providing expert consulting services for overseas investment groups: connecting seasoned U.S. educational professionals with opportunities to develop, create, and manage elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools China.

Executive Education: Our executive development program helps leaders from emerging markets fulfill their potential, enabling companies to grow their business in today’s global environment.  With WholeRen’s ever-expanding network of strategic partnerships, we bring the best faculty from prominent institutes, experts from innovative industries, and leaders from the community together to craft a holistic training solution specifically tailored to our client’s needs. Residencies may vary in length from 2 weeks to 6 months and our consultants work with organizations to develop each individualized program.


U.S. and China based teams: WholeRen boasts a team of highly qualified, education professionals from both the U.S. and China. All of our U.S. professional staff have lived in the U.S. for a number of years, hold a masters degree or higher, and have both personal and professional experience in the U.S. school admission process. China colleagues rotate to Pittsburgh regularly for staff collaborations.  WholeRen provides clients with integrated professional services including exam preparation, study abroad plans, major selection, school selection, authenticity and integrity, and visa application support.

Partnerships with American institutions: WholeRen maintains  and continues to develop its cooperations with many high-quality American community colleges. Many four year U.S. universities are looking for successful community college students and WholeRen continues to look at avenues for college entrance via community colleges. Additionally, WholeRen consistently creates partnerships with community colleges that have signed recommended agreements with many renown universities that offer 100% guaranteed admission to a four year college after success in community college.

Successful transfer experience: We help students transfer from community colleges to four-year institutions, from four-year colleges to another four-year college, and from a Chinese university to a U.S. university. With our support and counsel, our students have successfully transferred to many prestigious universities including Stanford University, Cornell University, Johns Hopkins University, the University of Washington, the University of Michigan, UCLA and the University of Southern California.

We are passionate and innovative: We regard our clients as family and think of each student’s application as our own—which we are personally invested in.  Our consultants are happy to share and always willing to listen.  We are committed to providing clients with professional and personalized service backed by our service oriented goals.

24 hour service: WholeRen has offices in the United States and China to achieve our clients’ needs.  We are available to our clients as needed and ensure timely tracking of students, services and progress.

Personalized counseling: We care. WholeRen continues to grow its staff with expert consultants to understand our clients’ learning styles and needs.  Our consultants design personalized targeted learning programs and train our students in the most effective learning strategies to promote their learning initiative and enthusiasm. We teach, coach, mentor, train and advise.  We value our clients’ wellness and self-esteem and are there every step of the way to help students navigate the difficulties and challenges they may face in any part of their educational experience.

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