Dismissed Chinese Students in the United States Infographic

Dismissed Chinese Students Infographic 

Are you one of these groups who is dismissed by American high-school, college or graduate school? Do you wonder why you are dismissed? We make this dismissed Chinese students infographic to answer your question. This infographic is a summary of <WholeRen White Paper on Dismissal Issues of Chinese Student in the US> 

Dismissed Chinese Students


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Brief Introduction of WholeRen Group

WholeRen Group, LLC was established in 2010, aiming to provide comprehensive educational services based under the U.S. education system. As a multinational and professional education company, WholeRen integrates the services of junior/high-school application and transfer, college and graduate school application and transfer, academic emergency services, academic counseling, homestay services, background improvement services and career counseling services. WholeRen was interviewed by CCTV and other mainstream medias, and became the first AIRC certified organization across the United States.