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“2019 NAFSA presents another opportunity for educators to come together to discuss the issues and challenges in international student success.

As Chinese students continue to target U.S. educational institutions to achieve their educational goals, my colleagues and I at WholeRen Education look forward to continuing our work to bridge the divide between Chinese students and U.S. institutions.”

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NAFSA 2019

801 Mt. Vernon Place NW, Washington, DC
WholeRen Education | Booth #1241

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Increasing Chinese International Students Readmission Rate

May 30, 1:30pm–3:00 pm
Poster Fair Theme: Orientation, Transition, and Retention Programs as an Integral Support Service
Chair and Presenter: Sa Guo

Gain insights from Wholeren Education and its readmission success stories about how to help dismissed Chinese international students in the U.S.  We identify ways to support student success during their time away, proactive strategies, and best practices to increasing student retention and graduation rate.

The Gao Kao Admission Consortium

The Gao Kao Admission Consortium (“GKAC”) is the first American higher education group established to actively recruit students from Chinese Gao Kao student pool and develop best practices for use of the Gao Kao exam in U.S. college admission.

Having experience recruiting Gao Kao students in the past, GKAC is able to offer solutions to educators about best practices in recruitment — from understanding the Gao Kao exam, to addressing the challenges institutions may face internally as they begin discussion of changing admission requirements, to creating admissions procedures that are culturally competent for this group of students. The Gao Kao Admission Consortium (GKAC) is composed of five U.S. educational institutions seeking to provide study abroad options for China’s Gao Kao students in Fall 2019.

Facilitated by WholeRen, LLC, GKAC includes two public four year universities (the California State University-Fresno and the University of North Texas), one private four year university (Western New England University), and two public transfer colleges (University of Hawaii-Kapiolani Community College and Santiago Canyon College).

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