Guardian Star Program

For Chinese students facing school dismissal
due to low academic achievement


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Emergency Transfer Application

WholeRen’s consultants have an intimate knowledge of America’s academic transfer system for international students. When dismissal occurs, the sooner the students acquire immediate professional help, the better chance they have to find alternative solution for continuing their study in the U.S.  If a student is able to transfer to another school to receive guidance and mentoring, they can keep their F-1 status active (the only way in which to maintain active status). It also grants students the highest chance of readmission to their original schools and resume their academic career.


Academic Integrity & Skill Training

Before coming to the U.S. students can take a pre-departure workshop geared towards helping them understand the academic environment of the U.S., particularly with regard to academic integrity and intensive study. The academic integrity workshop covers areas such as: academic integrity policies, consequences for academic dishonesty, and tutorials on proper work citation. Academic skill workshops focus on areas such as: developing disciplined writing habits, becoming familiar with group discussion and various project types, learning to express abstract/creative ideas, and making good use of school resources.


Guardian Star Program

The Guardian Star Program is specifically designed for students who are in a difficult place academically or who have a history of poor academic performance. This program provides personalized educational services in order to focus on a student’s long-term development. Whether they have received academic penalization or violated their schools’ academic integrity policy, the Guardian Star Program aims to give students a second chance with a personalized learning plan and guidance on admission into appropriate academic institutions. With the guidance of professional specialists at WholeRen Group, students learn to overcome obstacles and develop their skills to forge successful academic and career paths.

Our Services

Maintain the student’s active F-1 status in the U.S.

Give the student a second chance to demonstrate their academic abilities.

Rebuild the student’s confidence and boost their morale

Save the student’s academic career

Increase the international student retention rate for the school.

Increase the 6-year-graduation rate.

Position schools as truly invested in education, particularly in the area of learning from mistakes.  While schools cannot make accommodations for these students, the Guardian Star programs allows schools to present a resource for students to turn to during a time of distress.

Decrease schools’ potential liability that arises when terminating student records.


In our work supporting students back on their road to educational success, we have gained a large amount of experience in how and why Chinese international students fail. Each year, the WholeRen Research Center publishes its “White Paper of Chinese Students in U.S. on Dismissal Issues”. In the 2018 White Paper, WholeRen reviewed data from 5,631 Chinese students involved in school dismissal cases, and thus have expertise in what causes such academic dismissals (giving schools a chance to consider proactive strategies to support their diverse populations), what skill sets need to be improved (and how) during time away, and how to help a student successfully gain readmission to their former institution.

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