Are you OBOR-ready?

China is preparing to host its biggest diplomatic, economic and political event of the year, the OBOR Summit. A modern-day manifestation of the ancient Silk Road, One Belt, One Road (OBOR) has become one of the major policy initiatives led by President Xi Jinping since 2013.
A Generation on “Steroids”

A Generation on “Steroids” by Andrew H. Chen

The Chinese Educational Trajectory: a generation dependent on short term performance enhancement. Yixuan Wan is a third grader in Beijing’s public school system. Yet the majority of his weeknights, weekends and holidays are spent attending private classes--all enhancing the same public school curriculum.

【 CMU新校长 】围观一下CMU的大事儿,大牛新校长终于出炉了

昨天,我的老邻居卡耐基梅隆大学有件大喜事,在经历了前校长Subra Suresh的突然辞职(Subra辞职后去了新加坡领导南洋理工大学),度过了“群龙无首”的十个月后,终于在昨天正式选出了他们的 CMU新校长 —— Farnam Jahanian博士。