Tsinghua University High School International


Tsinghua University High School International (THIS) at Chaoyang opened on September 1, 2015. THSI advances a rich history of education excellence under the Tsinghua University High School brand. In less than two years of operation, we have grown into a PreK-12 community of 400 students and 116 faculties from different countries. We currently have students through grade 11, and the first class will graduate in June 2018.

Our setting is in Beijing’s spectacular Olympic Forest Park, which was created for the 2008 Olympic Games. In scale, it is similar to New York’s Central Park, a vast natural area including open fields, wet lands, a picturesque lake, and high promontories that allow views of the surrounding cityscape. Our school’s building is part of China’s National Tennis Center, which annually hosts the China Open tournament.

We offer American-style education with an international orientation. All instruction is delivered in English with the exception of Chinese language courses.  In most subjects, the curriculum culminates in College Board Advanced Placement courses.


The high school program at THSI – Chaoyang promotes critical thinking, initiative, and student control of the learning process. The curriculum mirrors that of leading independent schools in the United States of America. In grades 10-12, College Board Advanced Placement courses provide a benchmark connected to college-level study in the U.S.

Though course design and pedagogy reflect an American influence, the program is mediated through diverse cultural influences. The vast majority of the students in the secondary school are Chinese nationals, and many spent their formative years in the Chinese national curriculum. Approximately one-fourth of the secondary teaching staff is culturally Chinese. The school receives significant support from its parent institution, Tsinghua University High School, one of the leading public high schools in China. Both the high school and the university recently celebrated their 100th anniversary.

After beginning its life with a secondary school for grades 6-12, THSI – Chaoyang is developing a separate middle school with the anticipated hiring of a new head of middle school for fall, 2017. Student life programs for middle school students begun in 2016-2017 are the first step in creating a middle school identity.

Campus Life

Though academic classes give shape to the high school day, they are only part of the THSI story. In the late afternoon and evening, the school remains alive with student clubs and organizations. A few of the most prominent ones include Student Council, Community Service Club, Dance Club and Tennis Club. Extracurricular organizations such as these and many more allow students to take on different roles than those possible in academic classes.  They can be president, editor-in-chief, director, or manager, and develop life skills to complement those that they learn in the classroom.  A 1-12 counseling program tends to the academic, social and emotional needs of students.

A variety of festivals and celebrations punctuate the year, culminating with the annual THSI Carnival in June, which draws hundreds of visitors and features food from around the world. In keeping with the school’s multi-cultural identity, both Western and Chinese holidays are observed.

Sports teams include tennis, basketball, swimming and rugby. Among the recent opponents are International School of Beijing (ISB), Keystone Academy, and Tsinghua International School, THSI – Chaoyang’s affiliated sister school.

In high school, college counseling is a major focus.  THSI – Chaoyang prepares students to attend leading colleges and universities throughout the English-speaking world. The majority of THSI students attend institutions in North America, though some consider universities in the United Kingdom, continental Europe, Asia, or Australia. In grade 11, the college counselors meet with each student to discuss options and plan for standardized tests.  In grade 12, the counselors help students finalize a list of institutions to which they will apply and assist them with application forms and personal statements. Each year, the school hosts recruiting visits from approximately 30 admissions officers, mostly from leading institutions in the United States.


THSI – Chaoyang is always looking for bright, flexible, energetic educators. Teachers here work hard, but they get the satisfaction of building their own program rather than inheriting one shaped by others.

We are looking for teachers who know how to empower students; who know how to ask them good questions instead of always giving answers; who know how to get away from “teacher talk”; and who know how to engage students with in-depth and meaningful projects.

Did we mention flexibility?  We guarantee that working here will not be like working in your home country.  International educators should always have a vision for their program, but how will they react when things do not go according to plan?  When an unexpected cultural wrinkle blows everything up?  The Western staff is not here to deliver a program exactly as we would in our home countries. We are in China, and our mandate is to create a school that serves the needs of students and families in this place.  As our partners, we have the most talented and dedicated Chinese staff that anyone could imagine.

When all else fails, we have our students.  They are bright, respectful, and eager to please.  They have high ambitions for success at leading colleges and universities. Our job is to guide them, to believe in them when they do not believe in themselves, and to help them toward a bigger future than they could have imagined.

If you are looking for a dynamic place to be an educator, please consider joining us.

Additional Information

Facts & Statistics

THSI advances a rich history of education excellence with our sister schools under the Tsinghua University “umbrella”. THSI is a 1-12 international school for students who plan to attend western universities. In the Primary School (grades 1 to 5) THSI offers an American curriculum that includes the very best elements of eastern and western education.  Class content is bi-lingual English and Chinese through 5th grade, and relies increasingly on English as students’ English language skills advance.  Instruction is delivered by both Chinese and International teachers.  Highly qualified teachers in the Middle School (grades 6 to 8) prepare students for the challenges of the High School program.  The High School program (grades 9 to 12) utilizes an American Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) curriculum.  It is college preparatory, and designed for students seeking admission to western universities in North America, Europe, and Australia.  A student who successfully completes the program of study will be prepared to do well on the SAT or ACT, and will have an academic record competitive with students from around the world.  Except for Chinese and foreign language classes, the curriculum is delivered exclusively in English beginning in 5th grade.

Founding date: 2015

Age range: 6-18

Grades offered: Grade 1-12

School type: Local private school

Total area: 40000 m2

Curriculum Description: Bilingual, US, AP

Boarding Program (Yes/No, Grades included, etc): No

Number of students: 400

Is the school accredited by the Ministry of Education? Yes

Foreign passport holders accepted? Yes

Local Chinese students accepted? Yes

Tuition fees for the 2016-2017 academic year: 

Application fee: No

Tuition fees for one academic year: Primary School: 90,000RMB; Middle School: 10,000RMB; High School: 120,000RMB;

Other: Uniform: 1,500RMB; Bus: 700-2,000RMB/month

Type of lunch offered and cost: Chinese food and Western food

Nationality of students: Chinese

Primary teaching language(s): English/Chinese

Other languages taught as electives: No

Average class size: 20-25

Average teacher/student ratio: 1:4

School hours: 8:00-16:00

After-school activities: A standardized, comprehensive and integrated extra- and co-curricular program is offered fostering a smooth transition from Primary to Middle to High School.

Provisions for Additional Education Needs (AEN): N/A

Scholarships offered? N/A

School facilities: Built on the world-class standard, the school is equipped with various advanced teaching facilities and resource, including 28 well equipped multimedia classrooms with special projector and writing device, and dual-functional board connecting with internet, 2 libraries with the collection of over 14,000 books, 2 art multifunction rooms, 2 music multifunction rooms, 3 science labs, 1 student cafeteria, 1 cafe, 6 outdoor tennis courts, 5 basketball courts, 1 hockey field, and 1 standard playground with blue runway.

School nurse/doctor available on campus? Full-time doctors and nurses.


School History

There are a row of grew buildings, originally named the “Ding Houses”, approximately 100 meters away from Tsinghua’s Old School Gate. Among all the buildings, a domed gate facing the road towards the southeast is noticeable, with “Chengzhi School” engraved on the door lintel. This building became the predecessor of the Primary School and the High School attached to Tsinghua University. “Chengzhi School” was built in the autumn of 1915 by the Director for General Affairs Mr. Li Zhonghua and Mr. Wang Tieying, it used to be the school for the children of Tsinghua’s faculty. This week is the centennial anniversary of Tsinghua’s Elementary School and High School; therefore “Tsinghua Spotlight” specially is launching a thematic event to introduce the centennial journeys and developments of the two schools.  

During the glorious journey in the past centennial, Tsinghua University High School bred over 40,000 graduates. They exerted their expertise in various occupations and became talented pillars of the nation. From the ordinary beginning as Chengzhi School, today Tsinghua University High School is a top-ranking high school with over 200 teachers and multiple branch campuses. For a long time the school insisted in the concept of “our focus is education and the students are the center”, while being dedicated in building a system to integrate teaching, management, service and environment. By constantly strengthening quality education, the High School has provided a wide range for the development of the students’ characteristics, while clearly obeying the central mission of, “laying a foundation for the leaders of the future”.

Tsinghua University High School has always persisted on raising morals and cultivating the students. By establishing prime goals of moral education, it has installed a multistep thematic education, while forming “Growth, Responsibility and Pursuit”. Students in distinctive stages of growth were educated individually, which was underpinned by a sound moral education lesson system consisting of five themes—“habit formation”, “adolescent education”, “education of ambition”, “career planning” and “quality cultivation”. Other moral education activities such as CCP Party Courses, coming-of-age ceremonies, student festivals, off-campus field trip etc. helped the students and molded their values. All this helped the students converge and strengthen their recognition of their nation. Dozens of student organization were active in each corner, while creating a harmonious extracurricular space for boosting the characteristics and personalities of the students.

In order to create essential conditions and pave the way for cultivating talented and innovative people, Tsinghua University High School set up a complete system surrounded by comprehensive courses, leadership courses and student-created courses. This is a multi-layer, stereo and a hierarchical system. From September 2014, Tsinghua University High School opened advanced placement courses; allowing students to get in touch with knowledge they might learn in college and helping them gain a mode of thinking and training. This innovative reform helped cultivate top-notch talents. Meanwhile, by applying classes such as “Innovative Experiments”, “John Ma PE class”, “Liberal Arts”, “Maker Space” and such other training modes, the school has made many individual programs for students with varying potentials.

In order to develop the profession of teachers, Tsinghua University High School brought up a project to help the teachers turn into “research-based” faculty and pay key attention to the significance of subject based studies while offering specialized subjects. Meanwhile, the school proposed new teaching models, incorporating teaching methods such as discussion mode, interactive teaching, flips classrooms and MOOCs. These new trials reformed traditional teaching and approaches; they also changed a classroom to an interactive place and formed an atmosphere to “allow students to enjoy studying while learning to study properly”.

The mode of open teaching is one of the characteristics of Tsinghua University High School. By 2014, it cooperated with many famous high schools from the United States, Italy, England, Australia, Canada and Russia. What’s worth mentioning is that it also cooperated with Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology and Asheville School, leading to a deeper cooperation in curricular building and cultivating innovative talents.

As a navigator of basic education, Tsinghua University High School has played radiation effects and carried out policy-balanced development. Up until July 2014, the Tsinghua High School has branched out to five different locations in Chaoyang, Shangdi, Yongfeng, Fengtai and Qinhan. Apart from helping schools in underdeveloped areas, students in Tsinghua University High School automatically organized commonwealth associations to help the students in need. In July 2013, the public welfare project “talents training plan for the ones in need” was officially launched. Every single year, 100 junior students from impoverished villages and counties get selected and then they accept constant cultivation for 5 years and continue to accomplish their dreams.

Basic education is a foundation project for cultivating talents. Tsinghua University High School undertakes social expectations and the responsibility of national education construction. The main aim and goal of the Communist Party and the Nation is for healthy growth and persistent improvement of the young generation. Insisting on the mission of “laying a foundation for leaders of the future”, Tsinghua University High School is dedicated to cultivating more innovative talents who can lead the development, boost social advancement and serve the needs of China.