Peking University Elementary School


Peking University Elementary School was founded in 1906, was the predecessor of the Capital Normal University Affiliated Higher School, and later renamed the Yanjing University affiliated primary school. Originally located at the Peking University Library, in 1952 the school changed its name to Peking University Elementary School, and in 1959 moved to Yan Dong Park. Beijing University Elementary School has a small campus which covers an area of 24,800 square meters. It has one hundred years of history, ancient trees, an elegant environment, and a green campus.


The campus has more than 30 varieties of various types of flowers and plants, 242 old trees, of which more than 100 years of national secondary trees. There are more than 50 trees such as Autumn, jujube, fruitful, Cotinus coggygria, Ginkgo biloba; winter, Pinus sylvestris, pine trees, White pine is still green, pine, and also some very rare species like Tamarix. In recent years, the school has planted more than 400 green bamboo, more than a dozen dragon claw flowers and more than a dozen magnolia trees. There are a lot of pearl plum, elm leaves, honeysuckle, jasmine, red Rui, forsythia, Poplar and other types of shrubs all over the school. In addition, the campus includes the apartment  where the famous historian Jian Bo Zan lived, as well as three European-style villas. There are also many characteristics of Ming and Qing architecture throughout campus.

The school monasteries and Peking University atmosphere contribute to an environment of academic philosophy, free and democratic academic spirit, and striving through democratic and harmonious school management for self-exploration, classroom teaching, rich and colorful after school activities, and social development to maximize the development of students’ character, personality, physical and mental health. This encourages students to be happy to learn and live, and lays a solid foundation for sustainable development.

“Constructing a campus for the humanities and to promoting all aspects of human development” has become a staple at the school along with thinking to highlight the humanistic spirit, all management being people-oriented. The school’s goal is: “to embrace the humanistic spirit, and be an international first-class primary school in accordance with Peking University’s standards”, allowing children to play in their natural paradise, explore, pottery body and mind, and grow happily from the nurturing environment.
The school has been awarded with “Beijing Jinpeng Technology Group”, “Beijing Jinfan Art Troupe”, “Beijing Education and Research Advanced School”, “Beijing campus culture construction advanced school”, “Beijing curriculum reform advanced school”, “Beijing City information technology advanced school “,” Haidian District, the first batch of quality education demonstration school “and other illustrious titles.


Job Openings (not limited to what is displayed below)

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Drama Teacher

Position:  Drama Teacher for grades 3-4

Position Description:

Peking University Elementary School is a 100 year old institution directly attached/affiliated with Peking University.  They seek to expand its drama program which is currently four years old.  The current program only serves second grade students once a week, and this newly created position would be overseeing the third (approximately 35 students) and fourth (approximately 40 students) grade students with drama lessons.  Because this is a newly created role, the incumbent would have have flexibility and creativity in developing this program and overseeing curriculum development; the school is seeking a self-starter with initiative and passion for sharing the dramatic arts with young students.  The incumbent will be expected to create an original work in English for the students to collectively present at the end of the school year. Note: these classes are not the means in which students will learn English and instead focus on the dramatic arts and student development; this is not a language teaching position although teachers work as a team.  Candidates from the U.S., Canada and Great Britain are especially encouraged to apply. Position duration: March 2018-June 2018 with possibility of renewal for 2018-2019 school year.

Required Qualifications:

Native English speaker

Previous experience teaching in primary school

Educational background in drama

Bachelor’s degree in drama, dramatic arts, theater or closely related field

Ability to write original scripts for student presentation

Flexible, self starter

Team player

Preferred Qualifications:

Teaching certification

Experience teaching drama, particularly at primary level

Benefits:  Healthcare and travel once/year to the U.S. provided. Some housing assistance (plus local support to find housing).

To apply:  contact or call Chris Schmidt, 412-266-5459.