Kaiwen Academy

The City

Beijing is the capital city of China, one of the four ancient cities with over 3,000 year-history and more than 20,000,000 people, covers about 16,800 square kilometers area, also it is the politics, culture and education of China.

Living in Beijing is the most exciting experience full of culture charm. Beijing is the city with the beautiful scenery and four distinct seasons. Summer is hot and humid, winter is cold and dry, spring and autumn are mild with fresh air. The transportation is convenient in Beijing, the extensive subways and ring-roads will lead you to the all directions.

In Beijing, you not only can stroll in the ancient relic gardens and mysterious maze of hutongs (alleyways), but also can walk around the modern buildings and shopping area. Meanwhile, your ears fill with the different languages and dialects, your eyes find different colors in faces and clothes, your tongue tastes the different flavor of the delicacy.

With the rapid development of Beijing, everyday is full of opportunities and challenges.

Beijing Kaiwen Academy (KWA) was opened in August 2016. As a boarding international school, we provide Chinese-English bilingual education to Grade 1-12. We foster creative critical thinkers who are rooted in China and prepared to lead in the global community.

KWA offers Tsinghua International Primary Curriculum (THIPC) to grades 1-5 and Tsinghua China-America Curriculum (THCAC) to grades 6-12. Our distinctive curriculums are based on the US and other international curriculums, along with paragon Chinese courses that have been researched and put into practice for many years.

KWA is located at the foot of the beautiful and historic Yuquan Mountain in Haidian District, Beijing. The school has a stylish garden campus with natural flora and a rich cultural background. The campus covers an area of 20 thousand square meters and includes 33,000 square meters of indoor area, a green area of 70,000 square meters and the 11,000 square meters or aquatic landscape. The campus uses the terrain, plants, garden features, and sports & leisure space to form a large concentrated green land and open space to enable students to embrace nature.

Elementary School

Teach a national curriculum with situational English lays a solid foundation.

● In addition to words and expressions, Chinese teaching also emphasizes reading classic works, literature appreciation, and writing skills.

● English is taught by foreign teachers, thereby expanding students’ depth of knowledge and scope of their thinking, cultivating their English language intuition, and accumulating vocabulary in various fields.

Middle School

Achieving knowledge with integrity and an ability to smoothly transition between the mother tongue and English are desired goals.

● Chinese and foreign teachers collaborate to teach subjects and determine teaching strategies and progress that are based on instructional content.

● Students‘ knowledge and ability in English and their flexibility to transfer between Chinese and English cognitive models enable them to move seamlessly across cultures.

High School

English immersion teaching comprehensively develops the ability of students to think in English and communicate effectively on both oral and written forms.

● Subjects adopt an English immersion method that comprehensively develops the ability to use English as well as think in the language.

● Chinese courses emphasize critical reading, appreciation and literary criticism, that are deeply-rooted in Chinese culture, with a goal of establishing a positive outlook on worldviews and values similar and different from their own.

Kaiwen Academy’s Motto is: Adaptability. Courage. Persistence.


Kaiwen Academy draws on the strengths of Chinese and international approaches to teaching and learning to achieve both academic excellence and ethical maturity within a vibrant and safe residential school.

The school promotes continuous engagement with knowledge, together with social, sporting and cultural development. The school encourages imagination, creativity and collaborative learning to maximize each student’s potential.

We encourage individual character development and personal growth, based on an understanding that diligence, compassion and respect for other views, beliefs, and cultures compliment intellectual accomplishments.

The school recognized that academic achievement and the ability to think critically prepare students to succeed in university and in life. We also seek to advance  understanding of the self and other, fostering a sense of responsibility towards local and international contexts.

Job Openings (not limited to what is displayed below)

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Primary School Head

The Head of Primary


The Head of Primary School will:

  • Lead a committed and professional team of teaching staff in developing excellent Instructional programs.
  • Foster a caring and encouraging environment of trust and integrity.
  • Recruit and nurture staff. Evaluate the performance of the teaching team.
  • Review the compensation and benefits for teaching team and present proposals for optimization.
  • Create a learning culture of collaboration, engagement, discovery, and discipline.
  • Promote the health, safety and well-being of each of the School’s students and teachers both on campus and school programs.
  • Oversee the program of the academic, experiential, and co-curricular activities related.

Preferred Skills and Experience

The successful candidate will have the following key skills, experience and attributes:

  • Lead a primary school-wide rigorous academic program.
  • Demonstrated strategic thinking and analytical skills and the ability to use those to influence the educational agenda of the primary school.
  • Show a clear international orientation, cultural sensitivity and intellectual rigor. Welcome differences, and embrace the richness of Chinese culture.
  • Represent the highest educational and professional standards.
  • Succeed in hiring, leading, and managing faculty of academic department.
  • Have strong interpersonal and communicating skills.
  • Have a commitment to professional and personal development.

Base salary range

60,000-90,000 USD (before tax) per year

  • Performance bonus
  • Travel to and from one’s home is provided yearly for staff.
  • Housing subsidies commensurate with market rates locally.
  • Medical insurance

To apply:  contact teach@wholeren.com or call Chris Schmidt, 412-266-5459.

Additional Information

Facts & Statistics

Beijing Kaiwen Academy(Haidian), administrated by Tsinghua University High School, is a private bilingual school providing an internationalized education to students in grades 1-12. Our goals are to cultivate our students to be leaders with national identity and global mindedness. We strive to inculcate the students to be resilient, physically fit, academically excellent, scientifically-minded, and critical and innovative thinkers. The school mixes eastern and western philosophies, and offers modern educational facilities, and a science and technology, sports and arts curriculum.

Founding date:August 2016

Age range: 6-18 years old

Grades offered (e.g. Kindergarten to Grade 12, Year 7-9, etc.): Grade 1-12

School type (e.g. international school accredited by the Ministry of Education, local school, experimental school, etc.) Private Bilingual School

Total area (in square meters): 200,000 square meters

Curriculum Description (i.e. Chinese, US, UK, Bilingual, Montessori, Reggio Emilla, IB, AP, etc.  May enter multiple if applicable.) Tsinghua University High School International Curriculum, AP

Boarding Program (Yes/No, Grades included, etc): Yes, grade 6-12 can apply for dorms.

Number of students: 200

Is the school accredited by the Ministry of Education? Yes

Foreign passport holders accepted? No

Local Chinese students accepted? Yes

Tuition fees for the 2016-2017 academic year:

• Application fee: RMB 2,000

• Primary School (grades 1-5): RMB 180,000

• Middle School (grades 6-8): RMB 220,000

• High School (grades 9-12): RMB 250,000

• Uniform: RMB 1,980 (excludes suit)

• School bus: less than 5 km RMB 12,800, 5 km or more RMB 13,500

• Lunch Fee: RMB 5,490

Type of lunch offered and cost: Organic vegetables, Chinese food, Western food.

Nationality of students (please include percentage breakdown OR top five nationalities): Chinese

Primary teaching language(s):English and Chinese

Other languages taught as electives: N/A

Average class size: 20-25 Students

Average teacher/student ratio:1:5

School hours: 8am-4.30pm

After-school activities:Various enrichment courses and clubs, such as piano, dance, theater, golf, baseball, tennis, basketball etc.

Provisions for Additional Education Needs (AEN)? (e.g. ESOL, ESL, ELA, tutoring, gifted and talented, etc.) ESL Program

Scholarships offered? N/A

School facilities (e.g. ICT labs with SmartBoards, outdoor playgrounds, dedicated art rooms, etc):

Primary and secondary school have separate teaching buildings and libraries. Standard tennis court, basketball court, baseball field, soccer field and golf driving range. ICT laboratories, biological laboratories, physical laboratories, chemical laboratories. Auditorium (capacity 600). 300-meter circular runway and 1000-meter athletic track around the school. 3,000 sqm integrated stadium, 600 sqm primary school-specific stadium. 2,200 sqm independent art center. 5,850 sqm student apartments, 1,695 sqm teacher apartments. Campus restaurant (capacity 650). Swimming pool (under construction). 128,748 sqm green area, 160+ plant varieties, garden-style campus, 3,940 sqm water area.

School nurse or doctor available on campus? Yes