【重磅福利】百篇Top30 PS干货正式出炉,这么好的资源你难道要错过吗?








Describe the world you come from – for example, your family, community or school –and tell us how your world has shaped your dreams and aspirations.

Personal Statement


In grade eleven, I was elected to the students’ council. This gave me access to the school’s resources, and something that has been yet another factor in deciding the progression of my academic career; the support of other council members. Also, since we had shared interests and were in the good books of our teachers, we seldom hesitated in talking to them (and sometimes, directly to our principal) about something we wanted to do. In hindsight, this was a huge privilege, and was only possible in a relatively small school like mine.

By mid-2012, I became rather good at programming, and felt I wasn’t being challenged enough by the school curriculum. My friends had similar opinions, so we decided to form an IT club in school, which would train members for inter-school programming events. The ‘Endofline Computer Club’ was officially recognized by the school in July 2012. Subsequently, we started participating in many inter-school programming events. But for me, it wasn’t always about the trophy or cash prize — it was about interacting with fellow programmers and learning from them. Getting to meet interesting people was a great incentive for participation, and the prospect of winning was always pushing me to give my best. There are small schools – small communities, which foster better understanding and interaction between their members, give each member the chance to express their ideas and make it easier to be at the top, or even good enough to be a representative — and there are huge schools — large, rigid communities that have established institutions which admit members based on merit. These institutions are full of highly able individuals that have gone through rigorous selection procedures, and perform consistently well in their respective field. I wonder if I’d have ever found a new club at a huge school. Thankfully, my school lies right at the cusp. It is small enough for a student to receive ample attention, and has a wide-spread network of alumni as well.

Throughout high-school, I’ve had opportunities to network with some of the brightest students of the country and from abroad, along with the support of family and friends, who’ve always encouraged me to follow my dreams and achieve excellence. And that’s precisely what I want to do; become an excellent aerospace engineer.