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Congratulations to the WholeRen Education Award for Multiculturalism winner: Fiona Murphy from Indiana Area Senior High School!

WholeRen Education, a Pittsburgh based company, was founded in 2010. WholeRen Education promotes ethics in education and values multiculturalism. WholeRen Education provides educational services for Chinese students enrolled in US colleges, high schools and middle schools and students entering the US. WholeRen sponsors study tours of the US for Chinese school children and training in the US for Chinese managers.

Scholarship Award:  $1,000 to be used for college expenses once enrolled in an American college.


  • A  U.S. high school senior accepted into a four year accredited college
  • Achieved a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or better during high school
  • Demonstrated school and/or community services involving promotion of multiculturalism during first three years of high school.

Please submit online application materials by March 31st, 2018 including:

  • A high school Transcript – Include the first three years of the transcript.
  • Two letters of recommendation – You can include high school staff members, community leaders, or volunteer or youth organizations.
  • Resume – Prepare a one-page list of high school and community activities and recognition. Include leadership roles, involvement in outside activities and any participation with volunteer organizations. (Think: have you been a member of any clubs on your high school campus? Have you been recognized for your volunteer efforts?)
  • An individual essay on why multiculturalism is important to America’s heritage. Include positive or negative illustrations of multiculturalism during your high school years. (250 words to 500 words)
  • Youtube Video (optional) – You may want to supplement your application package by submitting a youtube video. The video is limited to 2 minutes. You could highlight what makes you stand out among other high school students. You can keep the link private or public, but please make sure the WholeRen Scholarship Committee can access it via the link you list on your application.

Award will be announced May 4th, 2018

WholeRen Education Multiculturalism Award Application Form




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High School Transcript* (File Type: PDF,DOC,DOCX; File Limit 2MB)

Your Essay* (File Type: PDF,DOC,DOCX; File Limit 2MB)

Optional Video Link (Please attach your video link here)

* Required. If the recommender would prefer to submit the letter directly to us, please have him or her send to, with your full name and high school name in the email title.

Please submit application materials online by March 31st, 2018.

WholeRen Education Award for Multiculturalism
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