Dismissed Chinese Students in the United States

Main Reasons of Dismissed Chinese Students 

Most Chinese students believe that an admission letter equals a bright future. However, according to WholeRen Consulting Database,  515 Chinese students expelled from American schools due to a series of reasons. The primary expelling reasons are as follow: low GPA (62.1%), academic dishonesty (21.4%), low attendance (10.9%), misbehavior (2.9%), breaking the law (1.9%), and psychological issues (0.7%). This White Paper intends to analyze the dismissed students’ characteristics and reasons of dismissal. Thus, we try to reveal their main characteristics and provide suggestions to prevent students from dismissal.


Most of Chinese students in the Unites State are young, and are also lacking sufficient skills or experience to live alone. When they go abroad alone, the high workload, local social requirements, mental stress, culture shock of new environments are major issues that the Chinese students must confront and contend with. Obtaining the admission is just the first step of studying abroad. The following three to four years of life will be filled of challenges. Sometimes, if they face one issue improperly, they might face the critical punishment that they have never ever been though of. Those occasions may not happen regularly in China, but they do frequently appear here! Will they be able to handle all of the stress and work coming from the strict requirements of schools?

Dismissed Chinese Students in the United States


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Brief Introduction of WholeRen Group

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【 美国夏校 】 停学 在家打游戏,不如 二次转学 读夏校... 魔兽诚可贵,LOL价更高,若为 夏校 故,两者皆可抛。“谁也想不到,我的美国大学生涯会因一纸 停学 通知,戛然而止。 ”很多学生在来到美国的第一学期,容易因出勤率低、GPA低、作弊被发现等收到停学通知。若利用暑假读个夏校, 背景提升 ,可以为 二次转学 名校做个铺垫。...
【留美快问】用 Co-op 和 CPT 参与 在校实习 有什么区别?... 什么叫CO-OP?和CPT有什么区别?怎么参与 在校实习 ?CO-OP是很多的美国学校跟企业有合作关系的实习项目。就是学生去企业里面实习一个学期( 3至4个月), 在此期间是全职工作,而且有薪酬。 参加在校实习的学生工作一般会工作2-3个学期,上课和工作穿插这。...
【留美快问】 美国留学 不学 计算机专业 还能 留美工作 ?... 如果不学数学计算机学科,去 美国留学 还有什么优势吗?还能否有机会留下工作?留学美国对于学生来说最大的优势是在学术方面,目的是获得个人能力的提升。能留在美国工作是留学美国的一个附带优势,而不是主要优势。学生整体能力提升和个人成长是留学的最主要优势。...
【 夏校 集结令】暑假去 美国名校 修个 短期课程 可好?... 刚过完年,高中的同学们有没有设立新年决心,要好好学习,天天向上?是不是有很多小伙伴,在过年期间都好吃好喝,盼望着在暑假来临之前,要赶紧减个肥?刚开学,就已经有很多同学在计划着暑假该干点什么了。除了在家打游戏,上课外班,暑假还有 夏校 ,还可以去美国的一流大学修个 短期课程 !...